Image and Colour by Natasha Davies

Nottingham based Personal Image and Colour award winner. Helping women look & feel amazing.
I’m a Nottinghamshire based personal stylist and colour specialist who works with a variety women to transform how they and others see themselves.
If you’re looking to improve your look but don’t know where to begin, or you don’t have the time to research, that’s exactly where I can help.
Colour can have a huge impact on how you look, feel and how others perceive you. When you get colour right, it can completely transform your entire look.
Natasha Davies

Are you fed up of opening your wardrobe and having nothing to wear, or picking the same set of outfits every day? At Image and Colour, I work with a variety of women to help you look and feel amazing day in, day out.

As a professional colour consultant and personal stylist, I can help you transform the way you look and feel, both in yourself and how you’re seen by others. I trained with the renowned Colour Me Beautiful and won awards for my work with them, so you can put your complete trust in me.

If you answer yes to any of the following, I can help:

  • Spend all your time looking after others and not yourself?
  • Lost confidence in yourself and how you look?
  • Have a special occasion, party or interview coming up?
  • Need a little pampering?
  • Stuck in a ‘style rut’ and not sure how to get out of it?
  • Enjoy clothes shopping but are unsure if you’re purchasing the right items to complement you?

With a great choice of services available to you, from style consultation to personal shopping, I can help reinvigorate your look and ensure you feel great about yourself again. Simply get in touch today to discuss your needs and find out more about what I can do for you.


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